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Solution To Childhood Obesity

September 3, 2015 by Lane Rogers | Filed under Solutions To Childhood Obesity.

It is a sad fact that more and more of the nation’s children are becoming obese. Not just overweight, but actually obese. Obesity seriously impacts on a child’s life, socially and physically. It can make them a target for bullying, the butt of cruel jokes, and can limit their ability to join in with activities at school and at home. Over the past three decades, the number of children in the USA considered to be obese has actually doubled, and more than a third of American children and adolescents are now technically rated as obese. Clearly, solutions to childhood obesity need to be sought.

So what are the answers? And who is at fault? It’s easy to blame it all on the parents, but of course that isn’t always the entire problem. Advertisement of high calorie foods, the prevalence of fast food restaurants, the poor quality of school meals, and the wide availability of calorific snacks all have a role to play in the increasing waistlines of young people today.

So, where to begin in helping children maintain a healthy weight?

The buck really has to stop with the parents. If parents are overweight, there is a good chance that their children will follow in their footsteps, so starting with helping Moms and Dads get to their ideal weight is the way to go. Parents need to present a healthy and strong role model to their kids, showing them the right foods to eat and helping them to get enough exercise. It’s easy to see how children can pile on the pounds when parents lie on the sofa eating potato chips rather than snacking on fresh fruit and playing games in the fresh air.

Starting gently is a good way to go. Eating dinners together as a family, and choosing healthy options rather than fatty fast foods is a good place to begin. Instead of driving to McDonald’s or Burger King for yet another drive through meal, encourage the kids to help in preparing a tasty fresh salad, hearty soups and stews packed with vegetables, and delicious fruit smoothies. Involving children with the preparation and cooking process helps them to engage with, and get a better understanding of healthy eating and develop the skills that they need to lead a healthy life.

Enjoying activities and days out as a family is another great way to increase the whole family’s energy levels. Participating in sports together, such as swimming, hiking or cycling, is both fun and excellent exercise.

Instead of relying on your kids choosing healthy options for school meals, pack a lunch full of filling but low calorie foods. Plenty of fruit, salads, lean meats and low fat milk are all good choices to help your child lose weight. Make sure that you don’t give them spare money to spend on chips, candy and chocolate on the way home.

When visiting the supermarket, avoid temptation. Give a wide berth to the desserts, baked goods, candies, cookies and salty snacks. Instead, focus on the vegetable section, fresh meats and whole grains. When offering choice to your kids, make it between two healthy options so they feel that they have some control, but will still be making a good selection.

Encouraging your child to take part in out of school sporting activities is a good way to help them lose weight and shape up too. Whatever your child expresses an interest in, be it soccer, football, athletics or gymnastics, encourage them to join a club and participate. Opening their eyes to fun opportunities is the best way to foster their interest and lead them down a path towards lifelong health.


By Lane Rogers


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