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Is Child Obesity In America A Serious Problem ?

September 1, 2015 by Lane Rogers | Filed under How To Prevent Obesity.

child obesity First of all, before the real problem of child obesity is talked about, let’s discuss what the definition is first in general. What is child obesity? It is a form of very serious medical condition that does affect primarily children and adolescents. This medical condition does occur when a child is way above the normal weight level that it should be. This is what is known as being obese. When a child is obese, there is a presence of far too much body fat, and having too much body fat is what does encourage the presence of child obesity. Child obesity is the result of too much body fat for that child’s particular age and height.

Why child obesity is so very troubling is very clear and obvious. It is because, the childhood obesity is the very thing, which does start the boy or girl out on a road, which is paved with health problems that were once something that adults just faced. Some of these adult health problems that kids are getting are no other than diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol issues. Child obesity can also lead to other detrimental things and these include poor self esteem and depression as well. Child obesity is indeed a very serious problem.

Child obesity in America is a very serious problem indeed. There are plenty of very real statistics out there, which can illustrate, as well as prove this point. This is an issue that is at epidemic proportions. However, despite this reality, it is still something that can be turned around before it gets further out of control and more lives of young children are being plagued by awful health problems. What is this solution? The one solution that comes to mind is this. Parents must take control of the situation and turn it around for the better. This can be done by adapting one of the very best of all strategies to help lessen the impact of child obesity in America. They need to the overall diet and exercise habits for that of the whole family. Child obesity is something that can be prevented, as well as treated successfully, if parents are determined to get involved and turn things around for the better health of their children for now and in the future.

Children and teenagers need to stop eating all of the wrong foods, first of all, and these wrong foods are any foods that are not giving them what they need nutrition wise. These wrong foods are all the bad things for them. Secondly, parents do need to ensure that their kids are getting the right kind of exercise, and the right kind of exercise is exercise that is keeping them fit and active. Good health is something that must be properly maintained by both parent and child. A child cannot do it on his or her own initiative. Parents have to become part of their child’s initiative to keep and maintain good health. This partnership of parent and child working together is the only solution to fighting child obesity in America. They have to do it together as a team effort.



By Lane Rogers


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