Dealing with Child Obesity
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Dealing With Childhood Obesity

December 22, 2015 by Lane Rogers | Filed under How To Prevent Obesity.

child obesity Childhood obesity in the last few years has been on the rise at an alarming rate. More than 30 percent of the American children are now affected by obesity. This percentage has tripled since 1980 when people were always having a healthy lifestyle. Because of being overweight, the children are now being diagnosed with diabetes, and hypertension when they are quite young. Below are some of the factors that increase the chances of a child getting obese.


The first thing to note under children and obesity, the dieting is not that good parents try not to give kids any food they want. Of course, the kids do not care about getting overweight, so they would have anything that tastes good for them such as junk food. Also, some parents just offer high calorie foods to their kids. Even if your kids are to have a snack per day, minimize the amount of snacks the kid can get each day.

Having too many soft drinks, desserts and candy are recipes for the children to get obese quite fast.

Lack of exercise

The children can easily find ways to exercise in order to keep their weight in check. Allow the kids to go out on the playground and have some physical games with their friends. Such exercises help them burn more calories that would have made them gain weight. If the kids are spending too much time doing sedentary activities such as playing video games the whole day, expect them to get overweight fast.

Hereditary and family factors

Sometimes family factors come out strongly when looking at children and obesity. If the child is from a family known to have overweight people, it is highly likely that the kid will have the same problem. This is also based on the lifestyle of the family members. If the members are fond of having high calorie foods, you can expect the kid to follow the same family ways. As a parent, start to stack up good food in the fridge that a kid can enjoy without worrying about getting obese.

Psychological issues

Whenever there are problems with parents always arguing, the children feel neglected. They will tend to overeat so as to cope with such problems at home. Overeating plus other emotions such as stress and trying to fight boredom is what can lead to the child being overweight. Surprisingly, this does not just apply to the kids. Even the adults when they are under stress, they would normally eat more to compensate for their emotions.

Socioeconomic factors

This is all about lacking the resources to deal with the issue of children obesity statistics If you are in the low income category, sometimes you might not have enough money and resources to help your child exercise. It is not like the kid has to go to the gym, it is the simple physical games they play with other kids that make them healthy. Taking your kids to parks to play with other kids should be enough to help them exercise.



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